The 25th Protocol – a novel

Reading the newspaper and minding his own business one morning on the “R” subway train, young John Balfour, adjunct instructor at Borough of Brooklyn Community College, picks up a (supposedly) abandoned Duane Reade shopping bag, discovering to his surprise that hidden inside is a ragged fragment of a journal written in German dating from World War II.

Contrary to his instincts telling him “not to go there,” Balfour takes the manuscript home, where the hastily-scrawled words open a perilous door to the origins of a notorious anti-semitic forgery.

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But this first hint is merely the tip of the iceberg, as Balfour’s curiosity leads him into a maelstrom of international espionage, anarchy and romance.

He finds himself in forbidden places — Soviet Russia, Basque Spain, Portugal, and Israel, among others — as well as lost in the labyrinthine byways of past eras — absinthe-drenched Paris, the wintry homes of the Czars, spy-infested Vienna, and Weimar Germany at the birth of the Third Reich.

There will be no easy escape as death looms nearer.

The 25th Protocol is a thriller combining the enigmatic puzzles of The Da Vinci Code with the breakneck pace of Robert Ludlum. It is a cautionary tale reminding that in a post-modern, media-saturated world, mere history books can no longer guarantee reassurance and comfort.

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